When We Get to Heaven

by Lake Miniscule



released January 14, 2010

All music and lyrics by Derek Burrell.
Produced, engineered and mixed by Derek Burrell.
Recorded in Allendale, MI and Holland, MI.
Artwork by Keean Mansour.



all rights reserved


Lake Miniscule Hancock, Michigan

2006 ⎈ 2016

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Track Name: Up Up the Ante
I got lost on my way home
When I left this afternoon
So she knows that I’m coming
When she sees my orange suede shoes
And she keeps me in her crosshairs
She could break my heart in two
And I sink in the quicksand
When I get too scared to move

And I’m burning in a fiery blaze
At the turning of the century
Paper angels in the fireplace
Keep it so I haven’t slept for days
Keep me doing as she tells me
They’re returning now from whence they came

And I got sick on the front lawn
Where I woke up all alone
As she turns through the black hole
Of the things she’s never known
And still somehow, on a clear day
She can turn my heart to stone
So please, God, if you’re up there
Could you send my baby home?

‘Cause my baby’s got it out for me
Says I’m hurting more than helping
Now I’m talking to her in my sleep
May my baby give it up for free
Leave me stranded in the backseat
Shouting on the count of 1-2-3


I’m guessing if I fade away
She’ll be lorn enough to miss me
And so I guess I’m gonna fade away
‘Cause baby, I’m a castaway
On an island in my short sleeves
I’m returning now from whence I came

She’s probably gonna let me down
She’s probably gonna let me down
Track Name: White
I obsess over my rations
I somehow feel I’m losing everyone
But that’s not the point
It’s that my friends are all content with losing me
I’ll say I’m sorry if I have to
I’d never wish ruin upon us, no
Not over some girl I kissed
Some week before she went off kissing him
Though she did
And now it’s a matter of letting her be

So where do you go?
And why do you do that?
One of these days you’ll wind up missing
And I’ll have to search
Yeah I’ll have to find you
I may get lost, so wish me luck
Well I’ve had it worse
This isn’t the first time
But I keep getting all these cold, blank stares
They’re thin as ice and keen as air
And I don’t care

I sit at home and count my laurels
I mean to hold myself in tranquil thoughts
But that’s not working out
Those creatures, they are lurking in the dark
Said I’d prefer we speak in person
But I’ll be damned if I invite her here
Yeah she may beg and scream
Well better her than me, I always say
What a waste
I’m always intent on saying goodbye

Oh, please let me know
It’s driving me crazy
Well let’s just say that I wind up quickly
And I’ll effervesce
I’ll burn like a lantern
And I’ve got time that I’d like to burn
I’m out of control
I’m all out of sorts here
I’ve been sitting reading almanacs
My hardcovers and paperbacks
I took them home in paper bags

I live within these walls that I’m talking to
____’__ ___________ __ _____
Seems my misguided genius has got me in a rut
And now I’m stuck in the mud
Yes, I’m a volcano, but a dormant one
So if I were to lie prone here
Would somebody pick me up?
Would somebody lie here with me
And launder this guilt that I’ve undone?

Quick, so now that it’s cold
Now that it’s winter
Well can’t we all just remain indoors?
And stop getting drunk
Just stop with the drinking
If for nothing else, just to keep warm
And hide from the snow
The whitest of winters
Until the morning comes and spring begins
The sun will rise and shine again
I promise we’ll be happy then
Track Name: The New York Times [Alternate]
This is where the row begins, with a clamor in the night
But morning curbs my peace of mind as I make my way outside
She got hers and I got mine, for the last and only time

Now I sleep in the summertime
To keep me active through the dead of night
The company put me on a wellness plan
I keep them happy when the price is right
And all my friends had a falling out
Over agreements that they couldn’t reach
And that’s the reason that I sought you out
I still know nothing much of which you speak
So won’t you please, won’t you hear me out?
Before you gun it and you cut me off
I just want somebody to call you out
And stop you dead in your tracks
Let’s get you someplace where we can be alone
And get you out of those backward clothes
Just keep the silence so they can’t hear you moan
We’ll keep it secret so no one knows, so…

Come on and take me for a ride; I could use the condescension
I’m always reckless when she’s sleeping, despite all my best intentions
If I could only find a way out, I could turn myself around

It seemed to me I was a long lost soul
As far from heaven as the eye could see
But I was standing in a gravel pit
A wave of heat washing over me
I hope I never do descend that far
This planet’s festering with guarantees
Forbidden treasure was my ticket home
I left it somewhere in the undersea
So won’t you let me down easy, speak?
Well isn’t that what I’m supposed to be?
I once believed I was a simple man
But I got tangled in the tapestries
Oh, you said you’d never been afraid to fall
I say we all only live to die
But you’re insisting that you die to live
You want to give yourself another try, but…

They took my name and read my rights
There was no place I could go
Saw the smokescreen in your eyes
I just turned and walked away
(Get out, get out, get out, get out)
She’s got such damn high expectations
I treat her like a ghost

I let you cast iron fences, while I adjusted my sails
So should you spurn my advances, you’ll be the spokes in my wheels
And while you reaped your plantations, I was the mess on your hands
You were impressed with my patience; you were a part of my plan

And now I dream to no end…
Track Name: High Water [Alternate]
I’m in love
I think we should clear this up while I still know the difference
I just needed someone to help me through the ups and downs
Somehow I lost my nerve

I want to weave your veins between my fingertips
And blindly curse you for the heinous things you did
I hope you’d be alright with that

I wrote your name
And drew a picture of the end of time
And addressed it
I got your message
It said your death was near
I must confess, it hurts to close my eyes

Please don’t let them lure you in with promises of wealth
(For you and no one else)
I can’t imagine that I’d make it by myself
(Imagine where you want to be forever)
I only lie so I might get inside your head
And learn a thing or two

I long to see you at your worst you’ve ever been
I felt you shudder as I peeled away your skin
As I exhaled you said the air was growing thin
I know you stir at night
(I keep your ghost in sight)
From dreams in black and white
(I watched your ghost take flight)
My sister poltergeist surprise
You know, I always did stick by your side

So if it feels like you’re dying
Then you’re probably dying
And if you’re looking for heaven
It’s north of the bridge
And if it feels like you’re dying
Then you’re probably dying
And if it feels like it’s over
It is
Track Name: Testing Out [Alternate]
I slipped in past the watchdogs after dark
You came in for a landing just wide of the mark
A sweet thing in a trenchcoat calms me down
Lord knows I’ve been better

After all, you made me real happy

And if it hurts you to stay in love
If you’re not quite the person you’d hoped to be
Then I urge you to leave through the door you came in
And just let me walk away

There were shots fired over the west side of your town
You did all that you could to get your feet off the ground
Pipe dreaming of Aspen in the spring
Lord, I’ve never felt better

Adelaide, Adelaide

And if it hurts you to hurt me back
If you got your semantics from fairy tales
Then just take what you had for whatever it’s worth
And just let me walk away
‘Cause I won’t ever find love again
If I don’t stop believing in miracles
I know you can’t stand to see to the tears in your father’s eyes
So baby please, just let me walk away